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Saturday, March 12th trip NOW OPEN

While Alpine didn't explicitly say they will be open on Saturday, we are of the opinion they most likely will be, and will have enough snow to support us.

First Time I Have Cancelled a Trip, Day OF...

Alpine Valley is remaining closed due to the high winds. OUR TRIP FOR MARCH 6th is CANCELLED

OK, A pretty poor showing of preference

Just what I have been complaining about all season....

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

The weather forecast has a prediction of rain. We don't like skiing in rain. We can move the trip from Saturday to Sunday. But I only want to do that if the club members want it. So Let's vote. See the email I sent on Sunday evening to cast your vote for Saturday or Sunday as the day of our Week 12 trip.

Two Most Often Asked Questions

1. "I can't log in"
      The login to Blizzard is case sensitive. Your login need to be in lowercase. IOS devices and some other OS interfaces automatically make the first letter a capital letter. You need to override that. I guarantee it will work