Looking forward to January 7th and a full trip


For those of you who missed our New Year's trip, you missed a fabulous trip. The snow was not bad at all and the day was a perfect temperature. The best part, was the lack of crowds! We almost had the ski area to ourselves.

We won't be as lucky with the trip on Jan 7th. This will be a jammed pack trip with lots of other skiers and boarders at Alpine. We will have limited space for our belongings and our buses will be full. In fact, we could use a few more Supervisors for our River Forest run to enable everyone who wants to attend to have a seat. If you want to help us out, we would appreciate it.

It is imperative that every article of equipment and clothing be marked. We have Blizzard stickers which go a long way to deter intra-club swapping, and helps the ski area immediately narrow down the owner of the lost item. Poles in particular need name labels. ALl skiers must have poles, so this is the item most often swapped - especially unmarked ones. Help us out by labeling everything.


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