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All is good for Saturday February 24th and Granite Peak is open for sign up

The east-facing side of Wilmot is pretty bare from direct sunlight, but the rest of the skiing area has held up well to ensure we have a good trip on Saturday. With colder temperatures moving in over the next 36 hours accompanied by the promise of a few snowflakes, we'll be in good shape for Saturday.

Looking forward to Granite Peak on March 8-10th

With final plans underway, members will soon be able to register for the Granite Peak trip. Detailed information can be found under the "More Info" tab. In preparation for the registration, ensure you have your current year's Blizzard tag with your current level punched. Priority is given to this year's participants who have participated in lessons (this weekend  and next counts) and who meet the minimum age and grade requirements.

Wintry Weather

While we always seek out wintry weather in the form of snow, a Blizzard stretches things a bit. As of right now, our trip is on. Mother Nature is a fickle beast so we have no idea what tomorrow holds in store for us. I am more worried about the wind than the snow. Chairlifts don't do well in high winds and while Wilmot's lifts are not particularly high, they are exposed.

Switch from Alpine to Wilmot

Our next trip is our first of the season to Wilmot. If you are an Epic passholder, please input your pass number into your profile before purchasing your trip reservation. You must have a pass number on file to receive your lift ticket rebate. We continue to experience ski and pole swaps. The easiest way to stop this from happening is ensuring you look for your label before you pick up your skis and poles.

Making the Most of this Trying Season

Happy Holidays! Although how it can be happy without snow, is a bit of a stretch. I, for one, love the winter months because of snow. That led to my little experiment of adding back a trip we have not had in more than 25 years. A trip between Christmas and New Years. Historically, we take that as a break. Not surprising, we have a light load so far. I am going to add an extra sign-up day without penalty for those who are still contemplating whether to join us or not. But as of Thursday at 6 PM, we will go into waitlist mode with penalty pricing.