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OK, A pretty poor showing of preference

Just what I have been complaining about all season....

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

The weather forecast has a prediction of rain. We don't like skiing in rain. We can move the trip from Saturday to Sunday. But I only want to do that if the club members want it. So Let's vote. See the email I sent on Sunday evening to cast your vote for Saturday or Sunday as the day of our Week 12 trip.

Two Most Often Asked Questions

1. "I can't log in"
      The login to Blizzard is case sensitive. Your login need to be in lowercase. IOS devices and some other OS interfaces automatically make the first letter a capital letter. You need to override that. I guarantee it will work

OK, I screwed up

Week 6 email blast just went out with a Week 5 header. Sorry about that. It really is all about Week 6 and our trip on Saturday January 22nd.

What to do when there are no seats available on your bus stop of choice

When you are trying to register for a trip and get the message "The selected options are currently not in stock" it is a euphemism for "there are no more seats available." That particular stop has reached capacity. When you reach this message, you send an email to with the information of what stop you are trying to reserve. The waitlist is a manual process once we run out of seats. I need to understand how many people are waiting for seats at each stop before I can start to solve the puzzle of the bus routes and where I have excess seat capacity. Don't just sign up for a seat expecting me to somehow magically find seats on the bus that was already full. Sometimes people cancel and I can backfill seats, but usually it is I have to come up with an alternate bus route where I seats to spare. I may not get back to you until Thursday or Friday, but rest assured I do have your email and I am working on a solution.