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A Holiday Weekend Trip

Sunday January 16th falls during a holiday weekend, which makes our access to Supervisors and Bus Captains a bit thin. Those of you who have already encountered a "no seat availability" message it is because of that limitation. I have added seats sparingly until we source more Bus Supervisors, I have no adults to accompany the buses on certain routes. Our starting points for routes include: Lincoln Park, River Forest, Hyde Park, Winnemac Park, and sometimes Oak Brook. Right now I need Supervisors on Lincoln Park, Winnemac Park, and Oak Brook before I can open more seats. Just send me an email and I will keep a list of who is in need of what seats and where.

Sunday January 9th Trip to Alpine

We are wrestling with the more than 300 sign ups that happened by 5 PM this afternoon. There are no seats available from the primary stops at this point except Hyde Park. We are limited by the number of Supervisors and Bus Captains and actually the number of buses we can hire. Bus companies are having a hard time finding drivers, so they are scrambling as well. As soon as the actual numbers shake out, we will know if we can add more seats. Rather than take people's money and have to repay them, send an email with who wants a seat and from which stop so I can create a waitlist if we can open up more seats. Likewise I am going to send an email to those with credits from December 11th who I have not heard from already to better understand who is using their credit next Sunday. There are roughly 100 people who are currently holding seats who may or may not actually want them. Less than 1/3 of them have let me know whether they want to use the credit this weekend. If you are one of those - and you have not already reached out to me, please send me an email on whether you want me to hold  a seat for you. But, please if you have already corresponded with about it last week or this week, don't duplicate your effort. 

Sign Up for Saturday, January 1st is Live

Our first trip of 2022 is live for sign up! We continue to work through the accumulated December 11th credits by adding members to the current roster unless you let me know otherwise. As members defer to a later date, that frees up seats for the current trip. So, make certain you let me know if you are not coming with us.

Planning Your First Trip with Blizzard

Here we go! The drop off and pick up times have all been adjusted for tomorrow's trip. Please check the Calendar and Bus Schedule under the "More Info" tab at the top of the home page for your specific location. If you didn't receive an email from MailChimp, first check your SPAM file and then send me a note so I can ensure you are on the mailing list.

Canceling the Trip for Saturday December 11th

It is with heavy heart that we are cancelling the trip for tomorrow December 1th. I have no more interest in getting soaked than anyone else, and I prefer if I must ski in the rain, that we are guaranteed there is enough snow to warrant the trip. The last thing I want is for all of us to huddled indoors trying to stay out of the rain, and doing so in WI during Covid. So, we are cancelling the trip. But, please I implore you to read the email I will be sending as it has additional information about how the refund process will work for this trip.