Unfortunate Rain Event - But We are Still Going on Saturday, March 4th


We are hoping that the rain this week doesn't impact the ability of Wilmot to keep their terrain skiable. As long as there are freezing temperatures at night that enable them to maintain their base and maybe add more snow, they should be fine and our trip a go. At this point in the season, we keep careful watch on the weather and the temperature to ensure we have the ground coverage needed on the slopes.

If you miss a week for which you have registered, I'd appreciate receiving an email even day of, of the miss. I have bus rosters from each bus that need to be manually reconciled with the sign up list. If I have several members who don't appear to have attended, I have to go back through the lists and ensure I didn't accidently miss their name. In addition, people sign up for the wrong stop, so they are hand-written onto the roster of their departing stop. Or they start at one stop and depart for another, making my life crazy. A simple note confirming their absence helps tremendously. And No, I don't hold over funds from week to week. Once the bus lists are reconciled, I refund all monies collected with the appropriate cancellation fee..

A reminder to all parents that you must follow protocol when picking up your child or their friend early from a ski trip. It starts with a note handed to the Bus Captain in the morning at your departing stop. When you pick up your child, we require a physical presence of both the adult picking up the member(s) and the members. When we leave a ski area, all of our attendees must be accounted for. You have to physically sign out your child at the Blizzard desk. We are returning our care and responsibility to you. If this procedure is not followed, we do not leave until we have made contact with the parent. More than once this season we have held up the entire club while we searched for a child with phone calls and physical searches until they were located and removed from our oversight. I write these rules (actually I didn't write them - they have been in place longer than my tenure) to ensure the safety of all our members.

I am amused by those parents who still want to join at this late date in the season. We closed the club to new (or returning) members in November. Next year it will be similar. I see no reason to have a club that is so large that members are prevented from joining trips without first participating in the Monday morning feeding frenzy. Make certain you are on the email list and you'll start hearing in August about our member registration that starts in September. I'm also trying to organize a ski/boot/board/clothing swap about the same time as the sign up.

Pray for snow, we need more for our last two trips.


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