Blizzard Trip #1 Alpine Valley December 9th


Registration for the first Blizzard trip of the season started  at 7 AM on Monday morning the 4th. There are two buttons on the website homepage that say "Weekly Trip" through which you can register - if you are already a member. New membership additions will close as of December 9th. There is no need to sign up with blazing speed on Monday. All participants will be accommodated through Wednesday before a waitlist starts. There is also no stop at Lake Zurich. Those members need to use the Half Day Rd stop when there is an Alpine trip. The trip fee is $175 and since we are going to Alpine, there are no lift ticket discounts. Please already have your equipment for the trip, we do not facilitate rentals at the ski area.

Blizzard tags will be handed out at the Blizzard Desk for those attending the trip. Returning members, please reuse a previous year's lanyard. New members will learn all about the club and the mountain on their first trip.


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