Patiently Awaiting What the 2021-2022 Season Has in Store for Us

We know that in this sweltering heat, it is hard to remember the chilly days of a snow season, but we are doing it! Blizzard is getting ready for the upcoming season by reviewing policy changes from last season and adjusting our expectations to be mindful of our still-pandemic-stricken environment. If you have signed up for our email list (the floating pop-up window that flashes across the website) then you will be kept in the loop for our updates. If you haven't signed up for the mailing list yet, what are you waiting for?

As soon as we have something definitive, we will let you know. Our usual date to open sign up is around the third week of September.

Hopefully we are back to our normal weather patterns

    The Weather is Against Us

    We are going to cancel the Blizzard trip to Alpine Valley for February 13th. It is going to be frigid. It is unprecedented to do this not once, but twice in the same season, let alone the same month. We can only hope that the trip on Sunday, February 21st will have more moderate temperatures.

    A First for Blizzard (in my tenure with the club)

    We are going to cancel the Blizzard trip to Alpine Valley for February 7th. It is going to be frigid. We have held trips in temperatures like this previously, but not in the time of Covid. We don't want everyone in the mountain house when they get cold. That's not a good social distancing idea.  So, I am sorry to say (I really am as I now have to reimburse everyone who has paid thus far) we will see you on Saturday, February 13th

    Running bit late back from Alpine today, Jan 10th

    Two of the buses had problems with the ice in the parking lot at Alpine. This also prevented another two buses to remain. One bus left on time another followed shortly. The last buses with stops at: Lincoln Park, Winnemac Park, Park Ridge, Oak Brook, and Hyde Park are a bit later. The last bus was just before 4 PM, so judge accordingly. The only solution to avoid this scenario might have been if we had salt or sand available to us to pour on the ground.