Canceling the Trip for Saturday December 11th

It is with heavy heart that we are cancelling the trip for tomorrow December 1th. I have no more interest in getting soaked than anyone else, and I prefer if I must ski in the rain, that we are guaranteed there is enough snow to warrant the trip. The last thing I want is for all of us to huddled indoors trying to stay out of the rain, and doing so in WI during Covid. So, we are cancelling the trip. But, please I implore you to read the email I will be sending as it has additional information about how the refund process will work for this trip.

We are One Week Away from Our First Trip Sign Up

Less than one week from now we will be getting ready for our first ski/board trip of the season. We are going to Alpine and therefore some stops may need to be changed, but it should be just like last year. If you have skis, boards, clothing or anything else you'd like to sell to fellow members, the best place to post them is on our Facebook page: there is a buy and sell area already set up under photos. There are actually two Facebook pages, but this is the more formal business one.

MabelsLabels is having a Cyber Monday sale that lasts through December 5th: For the first time ever Mabel’s Labels Fundraising Combo is on sale for 40% off! This exclusive combo is only available when supporting our fundraiser and features 3 of their most popular products – tag mates, shoe labels and small rectangle labels. Visit, select our organization, and shop the fundraising combo under the combo label pack category to support us!  I heartedly recommend these labels as they stay stuck even when wet. You can get them with the Blizzard logo, also.

Lots of challenges This Season

Clearly someone did not inform the ski industry that being cooped up indoors meant that outdoor sports would see a resurgence. Both Wilmot and Alpine Valley had good seasons last year. Based on our membership and expectations at the mountains, this year will surpass last year. People who would normally go out west to ski are staying home and relearning what's available in the local area. That means equipment is in short supply. The supply for ski equipment comes from either the Rocky Mountains or Europe. There is little or no manufacturing anywhere else. This is one manufacturing process that is not being produced in China. That's not good news as the global supply chain is broken. Manpower shortages and delayed shipping has created incredible backlogs in all phases of production and distribution. And skis and boards are not exempt. Read the latest newsletter for some alternate sources for equipment.

Blizzard Members get $40 Discount at Viking for Equipment Rentals

Renting equipment for the 2021-2022 Blizzard Season shouldn't be painful and Viking makes it even less so by creating an appointment for boot fitting. Probably the one aspect of equipment rental often overlooked, is the importance of a properly fitted ski or snowboard boot. Blizzard has partnered with Viking Ski Shop to ensure you have the best price and the right fit for both new skiers/boarders and the most advanced. Instead of waiting on a Saturday for your turn, you should now call to schedule an appointment for that important boot fitting and rental of your equipment. No Hassle and no crowds to deal with! Blizzard's $40 off coupon expires on November 19th.

Don't Miss the Early Bird Sign Up for Blizzard - Ends Tomorrow!

Just one more day for the Early Bird sign up of Blizzard. Annual membership is $125 for one more day. As of October 16th the membership will be $140. Final trips dates and locations are still being worked on. We are getting closer to having a schedule with preliminary dates already posted. Check under the "More Info" tab for details. I've sent out 4 emails so far this season. Have you received them? Make certain you have added yourself to our mailing list. In the meantime you can call watch the new webinar about the club and call Viking to schedule your ski or snowboard rental. The earlier the better for the best selection.