What a wild weekend

For all of you that missed it, this past Saturday was wild. The snow was powdery and it was a whole lotta fun. It grew colder in the afternoon, but we had plenty of activity to keep us warm. Our hopes are for another wintery weekend in our future.

We are Set to Begin the New Year off with a Bang

January 5th, 2019 marks the first trip of 2019. While we made a few efficiency corrections in the past few days, we hope to see people understand the need to resolve  these challenges.

Happy Holidays from your Blizzard Family

Reminder that there will be NO trip on December 29th. We’ll see you again on January 5th, 2019!

A Lump of Coal

As an all-volunteer organization, the holidays can be a tricky time of year. Historically, we have taken a breaak of two weeks in December. I decided to put December 22nd back in our schedule as many parents suggested they were interested in a trip prior to Christmas. That was before we had also added back in our Hyde Park stop.  Finding the right Supervisors is always a challenge and while we have been fortunate to have a couple of people from Hyde Park step up to volunteer on a consisten basis, this Saturday, December 22nd, is NOT included in the list of dates that we have covered.  Therefore, there will be NO BUS LEAVING FROM HYDEPARK this Saturday. We welcome participants from that stop to join us at our other stops, maybe Lincoln Park or River Forest.

Challenges of an Organization

The challenges of running an organization of the size of Blizzard means there are a lot of moving parts. The one that should be moving the most, other than our skiers and boarders, are the buses. We have had bus failures before, and we will continue to have them, as they are out of our control. Coach buses are prone to a whole host or issues, ragardless of the competence of the bus company. We swithced to a new larger one with more modern buses last year after a bus breakdown. We are impacted once again. The current situation is just one of wait and resolve. We have great experienced supervisors on the bus and everyone is safe. We are waiting for a replacement vehicle and expect everyone to b e home about 8 PM.