Sign Up for Saturday, January 1st is Live


Our first trip of 2022 is live for sign up! We continue to work through the accumulated December 11th credits by adding members to the current roster unless you let me know otherwise. As members defer to a later date, that frees up seats for the current trip. So, make certain you let me know if you are not coming with us.

Take the time before the trip to label everything. Gaiters, balaclavas, gloves, poles, skis, helmets, etc. all deserve their own labels. I'm certain the few people who experienced swapped skis and poles after the last trip are lamenting their lack of labeling. I certainly am, since I spent a day last week driving from Lombard and Oak Brook to Hyde Park and Lake View to facilitate the corrections to swaps.

If you have any questions about the Club, please check under the More Info" tab in the upper right corner of the web site for an answer. 99% of any question you might have has already been answered within the 20-odd pages that are there.

As temperatures drop over the course of the week, the skiing will be great for Saturday! 


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