The End of Our Season


Based on this week's weather patterns, we have decided to end the Blizzard season with this past Saturday. A bus load of kids had a great trip to Granite Peak and a bus load of kids had a great time at Wilmot. So rather than bet on the weather for another Saturday, we are going to say goodbye to this year and start planning for next year.  As per usual, we will start up again in Septemebr. If you have removed yourself from our mailing list, you will have to re-sign up to receive the emails in late Summer. Please look at the Lost and Found page on Facebook if you are missing anything. I now have a collection of 4 helmets, a pair of skis, a pair of ski boots, numerous gloves and poles, and the odd gaiter or two. Viking will charge you for items not returned, so call me if you are missing any rental equipment.


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