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The March 14th trip, Week 14 is on!

We have decided to go to Wilmot. We will be running one bus - startting in Hyde Park and continuing to Lincoln Park. The Hyde Park start is still 7 AM. The Lincoln Park start is now 7:30 AM. All participants from the River Forest stop and its derivatives,  Winnemac, and Skokie are welcome to join us from Lincoln Park.

Blizzard in a Nutshell and Tidbits for a Successful Saturday Trip


Off to a Good Start. Blizzard is Live for our 60th Season!

The Blizzard registration opend at 7 AM this morning and I feel like I am watching a horse race. We have so many participants and it is fascinating to see what stops people choose.  Ever since one school on the northwest side became involved and their members chose to drive out of the city, I have been trying to find the right spot for a northside stop. With the assistance of Alderman Andre Vasquez of the 40th Ward, we quickly spotted Winnemac as a central location to appease our north and northwest siders.  I also have a back up plan if we outgrow that stop!

Blizzard is set to begin in a week!

One week from today you'll be able to sign up for your first Blizzard trip of the season. We still have a great deal to accomplish over the next week.

Update to Blizzard Sign Up and Change to Webinar Schedule

Sign up for Blizzard is well underway. We have over 500 members for the season already and I suspect we will again be in the 750 member range similar to last year. While I don't like to cut off the membership at any point, we will most likely curtail our new adds as of Jan 1, 2020.