We are Set to Begin the New Year off with a Bang

January 5th, 2019 marks the first trip of 2019. While we made a few efficiency corrections in the past few days, we hope to see people understand the need to resolve  these challenges.

We have expanded the club to accommodate all your fitrends and family. More than 500 families and 700 members are now a part of Blizzard 2018-2019. To manage this increased number we need to follow these regulations/rules:

1. We are not accepting any new members for 2018-2019 season.

2. No one is exempt from going to lessons at the appropriate level of instruction. If we find a previous year's member who has missed being re-classified, they will have three trips to correct the oversight. New members must attend where required.

3. Blizzard tag replacement is $10. Members must have Blizzard tags to board the bus. They are available at the Blizzard Desk at Wilmot, so first timers won't have them.

4. For Wilmot renters, rental forms must be in by Thursday at 5 PM. That means that Wilmot renters cannot do a "No Reservation" trip unless they already have the two forms on file and have paid for the rental fee prior to the trip.

5. Epic Pass holders must have a valid Epic Pass number in their Blizzard profile.  Without the pass number we can no longer offer the discounted rate.

6. Swapped or lost Blizzard Skis/Snowboards or Poles without a name will be admonished - both kids and parents. (seriously folks, how hard is it to put a name on your skis with a Blizzard sticker, duct tape, or permanent marker.)

7. All Viking Ski Shop rentals must have reported their serial numbers of skis and boards to me at blizzardskiclub@gmail.com or we will not help your kids find them on the slopes when they swap/lose them (see #6)

8. We do not condone nor acccept any kind of disrespectful behavior to anyone at Blizzard. Disciplinary action will result in expulsion from the Club for repeated offenders. 

9. We are an all volunteer army, so instead of complaining about something, do something. Volunteers are always needed and we cannot continue to expand/operate the club without the Bus Supervisors to assist.