Two Most Often Asked Questions


1. "I can't log in"
      The login to Blizzard is case sensitive. Your login need to be in lowercase. IOS devices and some other OS interfaces automatically make the first letter a capital letter. You need to override that. I guarantee it will work

2. "My selected stop says "no stock."
      That's a euphemism for "no seats are available." I start with 7-8 buses. That's more than 300 seats. Once my initial seat inventory is exhausted, I have to look at the blend of kids and see what stops have an excess or have sold out more quickly than normal. You determine how the seats are manipulated at that point. The parceling out of more seats is based on an email you send me, requesting a seat for a named member at a specific stop. I don't care who their friends are and why they have to sit together. It is one and one half hour bus ride, they can be apart for that length of time. Don't send me an email with YOUR name and no listed stop. That's a definite FAIL. I will send you an email reply usually on Wednesday, although we may not even get to Wednesday this week. If you don't hear from me, there are no seats. As people cancel, which they inevitably do on Thursday or Friday, I will invite the next person on the list to take that vacated seat. Don't call me or text the Blizzard phone to get on the list. I am only looking at emails (that gives me the best chance of tracking back to your child as in your haste you invariably forget that they have a different last name or you've used a pet name in the email I don't recognize...)


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