OK, A pretty poor showing of preference


Just what I have been complaining about all season....

No one reads my emails, but yet, I receive emails on the subject matter I just wrote about in, sometimes, the email that's attached to the inquiry. I do everything I do to allow your kids to learn how to ski and snowboard and have fun doing it! All I ask is that you read what I write. How many people wrote an email this morning complaining that the website wasn't working? Lots. How many replies to the poll I sent out last night? 225! That's less than the lowest attendee rate for any trip this season. The poll was sent to 1871 email addresses. That's basically a 12% return rate... But these are the members who made a decision for all of us.

The Week 12 Trip will be on Sunday, March 6th. Sign up will open at 6 PM Monday, February 28th and remain open - pending seat availability - until Thursday, March 3rd at 5 PM. After that time you will pay a later reservation fee and incur a no show fee if you cancel. 


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