NEW Important Announcement about 2020-2021 Season


We ARE going to have a season!  It may not be the season we envisioned, but we will be on the slopes offering ski and snowboard lessons in a Covid-responsible environment.

That said, we have to share the dates at Wilmot with all the other clubs as we cannot attend on the same dates based on attendance restrictions placed by Vail. Anyone want to join us on a Sunday? For years I have been asked to hold trips on Sunday. Now that is an option and a likelihood. Most likely 6 Saturday trips and 4 Sunday trips.

Vail/Wilmot has dramatically increased our rates as they have scaled back their operations to accommodate Covid-19. Extra precautions with attendee limitations and functional changes means extra costs. Bus rates have also increased as we decrease the safe number of passengers.

We will also have to abide by their limitation of our club attendee count each trip. A reservation will be hard and fast and not as flexible as in past years. As soon as we get the website changed over to another season, we will begin sign up. We will have to change the liability statement as you can all imagine, so please read it before you sign your child(ren) up. 

Stay Tuned!

You can also see the latesst email sent to the membership under the "More Info" tab near the bottom of the list.


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