A Lump of Coal


As an all-volunteer organization, the holidays can be a tricky time of year. Historically, we have taken a breaak of two weeks in December. I decided to put December 22nd back in our schedule as many parents suggested they were interested in a trip prior to Christmas. That was before we had also added back in our Hyde Park stop.  Finding the right Supervisors is always a challenge and while we have been fortunate to have a couple of people from Hyde Park step up to volunteer on a consisten basis, this Saturday, December 22nd, is NOT included in the list of dates that we have covered.  Therefore, there will be NO BUS LEAVING FROM HYDEPARK this Saturday. We welcome participants from that stop to join us at our other stops, maybe Lincoln Park or River Forest.

I will also remind participants that we are still in a pre-Christmas traffic cycle. As bad as last week was, I expect this weekend to be its equal or worse. WE WILL BE LATE arriving back to Lincoln Park and River Forest.


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