Equipment – Rentals

Please clearly label your child’s equipment with their name whether it is owned or rented.  Duct tape and a permanent marker on poles, skis and boards will ensure that each child has the correct equipment when they leave the bus and avoid confusion later.  Please send me the serial number of your Viking-rented equipment as that ensures I can identify any swapped equipment easily. In addition, there is a Corral for stowing your skis/boards during the day to avoid any misplacement or swapping that frequently occurs since there are so many rentals.  The Corral costs $1 for the entire day (in/out privileges) and is included in the Wilmot Rental fee.

“My child has their own ski or snowboard equipment.”

Bring it with you to the bus. There is room on the bus for everyone’s skis, snowboards, boots, and other clothing and equipment. Everything is brought to and from the ski area each week—there is no long term storage at the ski area.  Please ensure that personal equipment is clearly marked with the member’s name.

“My child needs to rent equipment.”

There are two options for equipment rental—daily rental, and season rental.

Daily Rental

Your child can rent equipment for the day at Wilmot. Wilmot recently changed their rental policies and they must be followed explicitly to ensure that you get the Group Rate when you mention you are with Blizzard.  This is a bit complicated, but your rental includes your lift ticket.  When you register before your Blizzard trip please ensure that the Blizzard Bus Supervisor knows that you will be renting at Wilmot.  There is a two-step process that requires a stop at the Group Sales desk to exchange the ticket your Blizzard Supervisor gives you on the bus, with the ticket that associates you to an already registered rental at Wilmot.  See additional information below. Click here to view Wilmot’s prices and terms.   Wilmot Mountain Rental

A Blizzard supervisor will accompany your child while they rent their equipment for the first time.  A new process at Wilmot issues your child’s ticket along with their equipment rental.  Your child must be careful to say they are with Blizzard when they rent.  The information about your equipment needs are stored at Wilmot and a lift ticket is printed with the child’s name by the Wilmot Rental center.  Once the equipment is returned, the refundable deposit will also be returned, but it must be requested.  I recommend the seasonal rental if you are going to attend more than three Saturdays with us.

Seasonal Rental

We recommend the following ski shops for seasonal rental:

  • Viking Ski Shop
    3422 W. Fullerton, Chicago, IL or
    131 West NW Hwy, Barrington, IL
    (773) 276-1222 or (847) 381-1188

or you can rent from: