Welcome (almost) to the 2015-2016 Blizzard Season!

Out west they have already received their first snowfall and are urgently praying for more. Here, we are more realistic and praying that our snow will fall in abundance just after Thanksgiving so we can start the Blizzard season off with great snow. In the interim, we are feverishly working to update the website where needed and present new payment options to you, our faithful members. For the first time we will offer payment via the website for your initial membership fee. Keep your fingers crossed that it works from the get go. Prices and policies have already been updated and we will be using digital signature technology to ensure your adherence to our insurance and photo releases. You are still welcome to pay via snail mail if you prefer. While we are not yet ready to accept applications on-line, we will be able to do so shortly – I’ll let you know when, but in the interim, snail mail is best. You can download an application from the black ribbon. Click on “Member Registration” and download the current application. Previous years’ applications will not be accepted.

Over 55 years of dedication to more enjoyable skiing through competent instruction, and attentive supervision

Blizzard Ski & Snowboard School provides the best opportunity for young people in Chicagoland to ski and snowboard safely, with skill and confidence.  And of course, a chance for outdoor winter fun every week!

See the Post “A Day in the Life…” to learn more. See our helpful side bar menu for further details about the Blizzard Ski & Snowboard School.

If you have questions, please read the most recent posts and general information under the Information sidebar. Questions? Send us an email at BlizzardSkiClub@gmail.com

We have Zero Tolerance for disrespectful or inappropriate behavior on a bus or at the Mountain towards fellow members, supervisors or others.  Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment in which everyone can build a lifetime love of snowsports.