Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

The weather outside is certainly frightful, if only that we have yet to see a single snowflake of Epic proportions in or near Chicago.

To that end, Blizzard has made the decision to NOT try and have a trip on December 10th. We have two challenges. One, with the lack of adequate snow it means there will be no base on the hill and there will be limited terrain available. Two, we can’t wait until Thursday to let you know if Wilmot is opening on Saturday or not.

All indications are that they MIGHT be open as the weather permits and they complete the tasks associated with opening a brand new facility, but that doesn’t help us open our reservation system on Monday morning. So, we have made the decision to start on December 17th instead.  A great deal of our decision also has to do with the safety or our members. We have a large club and if Wilmot opens with only three runs, that is not enough terrain to prevent overcrowded slopes. No one is more disappointed than I am. We have done a lot to upgrade the club and we are giddy with anticipation of a new Wilmot.

As we prepare for this year, please note that there are many processes that will change and potentially increased costs for rentals, food and incidentals at Wilmot that we will not know until we get there. It will be a source of wonderment for all of us.

At this point the Club membership has closed. It takes a fair amount of effort to get the cards printed and the bus lists arranged for each season, so while we always enjoy adding new members to our family, at some point we just have to say we have reached our capacity for the season. You can always call the office at 708-848-3831.

Please read the website if you have any questions, but you can always email us at blizzardskiclub@gmail.com.

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