Blizzard is Looking Forward to our New Home at Wilmot

Wilmot will not look the same when we return this December for the 2016-2017 season of Blizzard. Extensive renovation and improvements are occurring  to create an improved winter sports area for us.  Vail Corporation will create a new Wilmot of EPIC proportions (pun intended.)

As we prepare for this year, please note that there are many processes that will change and potentially increased costs for lift tickets, rentals, food and incidentals that we will not know until we get there. It will be a source of wonderment for all of us.

the early bird renewal pricing for returning members has come and gone and now the club is open to all of your friends and classmates for sign up.  Just download an application from the Membership Information link on the black ribbon at the top of the page. Print off the application, fill it in, send it in with a check and wait for the snow!

Please read the website if you have any questions, but you can always email us at

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